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There are pockets of Zoroastrians scattered throughout Persia, India, Europe, and North America.

The reason their numbers have been dwindling for years is because of their strict conversion laws.

While the Zoroastrians in India intercalated an extra month to the calendar around 1129 C.

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Parsi / Irani Zoroastrian Matrimonial Web Sites : / https:// The the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) too plans to shortly launch its own youth club and a social networking website to promote interaction among the community’s youth.

Dwindling numbers add to the pressure young members of this religion feel to marry inside the community.

Some Zoroastrians do not believe that outsiders should be able to convert into the religion and others think that the children of only one Zoroastrian parent are not truly part of the religion.

In general, reformist Zoroastrians accept converts to the religion and traditionalists do not.

Because of this difference, the Zoroastrian calendar and solar year began to diverge. It was then decided that an extra month was to be added every 120 years to accommodate for the difference between the solar year and the Zoroastrian calendar year.

The Zoroastrians in India (Parsis) last remembered to add this extra month in 1129 C. Consequently, New Year, which originally correlated with the vernal equinox on March 21st, has since fallen earlier in the Gregorian calendar year such that it now occurs in August.

For example, you can use this to find the roj for a particular date (such as your birthday), as well as what date the roj falls on in a given year.

Alternatively, you can see what date a given roj falls on in any year. A solar calendar, however, is around 365 1/4 days, which the Gregorian calendar accommodates by adding a day every four years (leap day). the Zoroastrian calendar and solar year once again aligned, resulting in Navroze occuring on the Vernal Equinox.

Similarly, suggestions for improving the calendar are also welcome. Disclaimer: I hope that this little conversion utility has been useful, but I make no claims nor accept any liability about its accuracy, quality, availability, etc.

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