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They were never arrested for their crimes, but he knows he’s going to catch them with their guards down some day. “You’re gonna clean every bit of it up when you’re done,” Ross said, his voice low.

Trott flushed, and felt a twinge of shame for how much that turned him on.“Yeah, okay,” Trott agreed, trying not to sound too hasty.

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He takes her to his house to help her recuperate only to discover she has amnesia.

Lalna decides to help her in the only way he can think of: bringing her with him to his work place at Yoglabs and hope he can find a way to unlock her memories.

I am especially in love with Rythian's tekkit rebirth/rising, the story is so amazing I guesss you could say I am addicted to yogscast. I wouldn't quite call myself a Minecraft veteran, but something along those lines.

I'm seriously bored of it now, and no new mod would get me into it again.

I don't quite know why, I just found it interesting to see what she got I guess.

I was always slightly disappointed every time she opened a present : P although my Mum watched it too and she said she'd be doing it for me this year so it's all good!

Comedy duo Lewis Bindley (Xephos) and Simon Lane (Honeydew) are two of the UK's most recognized voices on the internet.

From the very top of Yog Towers they bring you daily laughs and up to date gaming news.

Ross smiled, and dragged the chair closer to the bed.----A vaguely sci-fi military AU excuse for kink.

One day as Lalna is driving home from work he finds a girl passed out on the side of the road.

Besides Duncan and Hannah, I've never heard any of the others till now, I'll have to check them out sometime.


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