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And I dunno about you, but that doesn’t sound very Whole or Holy to me.

In my line of Life and Work I simply cannot afford to be ignorant of oppositional forces.

Spiritual author Caroline Myss says the cleverest way “evil” works is by making us believe it doesn’t exist and is ONLY a projection or a product of our human psyche.

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It has taken me an extraordinary amount of Work to begin to reintegrate my fragmented Soul and begin to publicly offer this organic Way of Being of Service on this planet.

In fact, the last time I attempted to Serve in this way 2000 years ago, my karmic assassin posing as a male friend (and a friend to my lineage) told me he wanted to offer me protection, and with my somewhat confused agreement, he lead me to an underground room, locked the door behind me, and left me there to die in the dark – burying not only me, but an energetic stream of my feminine lineage.

So, with my nod, this man sprung into the center of the room and asked all the men to join him.

Then, almost immediately, this man energetically cut me and my Lady off and proceeded to “take charge” and dominate the room energetically.

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Sacred Activist and Oxford scholar, Andrew Harvey, firmly believes that we are each sent to earth with a “guardian angel” and a “karmic assassin.” I’m very familiar with my own “karmic assassin.” I remember the first time we crossed cosmic paths outside of linear time and I will never forget it’s first attempt to “assassinate” my Soul when I was in the womb of my mother on this day 2000 years ago.

In some ways, it did “assassinate” part of my soul that day and I am only now coming back together and coming back to Life. Point is, we’ve spent every lifetime together and I’m as familiar with this Force (and it’s energetic fingerprint) as it is of me (it knows all of my fears, doubts and “weaknesses” and constantly seeks new ways to destabilize me), and while I have had closure with this Force and it cannot reach me directly anymore, it can reach me via other people, by “riding” their shadows and totally catching me off guard.

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