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WPF data bindings do not always immediately update the source when the target (typically a WPF control, such as a Text Box) changes.

An extremely common case of this is the default behavior of bindings on the Text property of a Text Box.

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A typical situation is as follows: Typically a Tool Bar or a Menu has its own logical focus scope, and therefore interacting with them does not remove logical focus from the Text Box.

If a shortcut key is pressed, this also typically will not remove logical focus from the Text Box.

I know there are a lot of questions about this, I have ensured every answer has been attempted.

I do not have much experience with WPF, nor does anyone else on my team, so I am sure I made a stupid error, and cannot see it.

This means that there can be times when the source data is temporarily out of sync with the target (the control).

In certain scenarios, this can result in unexpected data loss.

Intrigued, I stripped it down to its basics, like this: @ofstream I didn't downvote, but I suspect it's because this question doesn't show any research effort.

On Property Changed("My Items"); My Items[My Items. Has Information = true; // Note that "Selected Item" is persisted correctly, and always // points to the selected item that we want to update.

If this became a performance bottleneck, it might be possible to optimize specifically around the case of Update Trigger.

Lost Focus by carefully examining the WPF Focus Manager to determine the actual set of elements that currently have logical focus and only updating binding sources on those elements.

Register("Selected Screen", typeof(Screen), typeof(Screen Selection)); public static readonly Dependency Property Screens Property = Dependency Property.

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