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Poor Sonya Rostova (played by Aisling Loftus) is learning this lesson the hard way thanks to her unyielding crush on her cousin, Count Nikolai (Jack Lowden)—a man who openly flirts with other women and once told her, "I've fallen in love before and I expect I will again." Uh, romantic?

He appeared in his first feature film ‘Comedown’ where he starred alongside Adam Deacon in 2016.

Jacob has also been a part of various plays like Dunsinane and Warhorse. He played as Grey Worm in the third season of the HBO TV series called Game of Thrones.

Then on he starred as Simon in the popular ITV drama called- ‘Injustice.’ His stature then came into the limelight with the role of a boy from youth offender institution.

He made guest appearances in series like- Skins and Outnumbered.

Yes, Princess Helene's sole purpose is to make Pierre miserable, but there's something deeper to be said here.

Sex is a normal part of healthy relationships, and if you're not having it, it might be time to 👋👋 👋.

A ‘breadcrumb’ can be anything from sharing a link on your Facebook page, to liking your Instagram selfies, to texting you something like “Hey” after a few weeks of no contact.

Seems like nothing, but the breadcrumbers know exactly what they’re doing.

Starting from the bottom, the incredible artist has made a name for himself in every field that he has touched.

He is now one of the most recognized faces the industry of Rn B, trip hop and power hop as well.

The British actor was born on 18th June 1990, in Bristol, England.


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