When do nikki and jonesy start dating

Jen is not too happy about her mom's marriage to Jonesy's dad majorly because of Jonesy and his two brothers.

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Meanwhile, Jude falls for a talking chair named Betty (guest voiced by Terri Hawkes). Their brainwashing starts to work and Nikki slowly becomes another "Clone".

In the end, her friends save her from losing her individuality.

And Jonesy is scared to donate blood because of his constant fear of blood and needles.

Jude discovers that Star has become a goth-girl and asks Caitlin for an advice... The new Jude hangs out with Nebula (Star's new alias) and her friends when an unexpected blackout strikes the mall.

Five friends want to get jobs in the Mall and meet Caitlin, who ends up as a sixth member of the gang. Jen is in Penalty Box, Caitlin in "The Big Squeeze", Jude in Stick-It, Wyatt in music shop "Spin This", Nikki in Khaki Barn and Jonesy... Caitlin is constantly forgetting to order lemons and ignores her customers while Jonesy gets a job at the new lime across the food court.

Meanwhile Wyatt gets VIP tickets for the Weasels' concert and both Nikki and Jude suck up to get them.

Friends are worried that it will break up their relationship.

Meanwhile doppelgangers of the gang show up in the Mall.

At the same time Caitlin-Nikki war begins because of Caitlin never ending stories about her boyfriend and Nikki's temper.

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