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), grip and parlor tricks for the ladies (the escalator, anyone? If you’re hankering to get a workout while learning some sexy moves at the same time, check out pole or belly dancing classes at Souldancing or GT Fly Dance Studio.In addition to a full-body workout, the sensuality of these dancing styles has a clear bedroom carry-over.If your written Mandarin is strong, is China’s largest online dating site (though with a heavy straight bias).

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A sachet bought at 50 ngwee each was then repacked in small plastic containers of 25ml and resold at between K5 and K10.

Jane Sinkutwa said she had a different class of customers ranging from youths of both sexes and the older people. Distributed by All Africa Global Media (all Africa.com).

Some of the users told the Sunday Times that it raised their body temperature and made them enjoy sex with their partners, hence the use of the snuff.

But Ndola Central Hospital (NCH) head of clinical care Sebastian Chinkoyo said sex should be enjoyed with natural secretion.

Grindr and its straight counterpart, Blendr, require VPNs to access so don’t get much traction in China, but you can give them a shot.

For a more local interface, Momo is China’s pre-eminent hook-up app, but We Chat, Douban and even Weibo have some matchmaking merit as well. While not necessarily medically proven, there are plenty of foods and herbs that are considered to enhance arousal, sensation and virility.

Exercises that work the “powerhouse” in Pilates or engage the mulabandha in yoga are especially good for strengthening the pelvic floor (also referred to as kegel or perineal) muscles.

Strong kegels can improve control and endurance for the gents (because who wants to leave the party early? Check CW’s listings for gym, yoga studio and Pilates recommendations.

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