Wbr 1310 not updating firmware

We would not recommend this router for larger-scale deployments.

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We recommend disabling the SIP ALG setting on the router available in firmware releases 2.2.4 and higher.

This option is available within the firewall settings under the ‘Application Level Gateway (ALG) Configuration’. Back to Top Current Status: Possibly Compatible after Changes Suggestions: Disable SIP ALG Comments: We recommend disabling SIP ALG through the DIR-625’s web interface.

The following is a list of known routers and modems which we have determined to be compatible, incompatible or compatible with changes to the configuration of the device.

We have also provided a list of devices which we are aware of but have not yet tested ourselves.

Back to Top Current Status: Compatible Suggestions: Suitable for 1-2 Phones Comments: There are no known issues with this model router at present.

The router does not offer Qo S, but this may not be a major issue in offices with only one or two employees.

This device is not believed to offer Qo S which may be a drawback in certain deployments.

Back to Top Current Status: Compatible; may require changes Suggestions: Confirm model with Slingshot Comments: The Cisco routers we have encountered appear to be quality devices that are compatible with our service, but may require some changes.

If this router has issues with phones not ringing, the issue may be UDP sessions being closed early.

Our staff have resolved this by upgrading to firmware, then going to the hidden page at https://(router LAN IP)/f_general_and then changing the UDP Timeout from 30 seconds to 300 seconds.

We recommend customers set enable ‘Consistent NAT’ (check the box) and disable ‘SIP Transformations’ (uncheck the box). Select the Firewall Settings - Service: Any Source: WAN, Address Range to 67.2 Destination: LAN, Address Range * to * Comment: Slingshot D1 If there is an option for ‘Allow Fragmented Packets’ then please enable this option.


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