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The Children of the Forest are the worst, but they still get 50 for surprise magic.

Bran immediately slips into vision #2, where he finds himself staring down the Night's King — leading into a classic bit.

Her parents and brother were murdered, and she's been used as a pawn by half of the noble families in Westeros. It's a bummer that someone thought none of them would track as well as rape.

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Guess who's not going anywhere: Bran Stark, who is still in visionland when an army of walkers descends on the Heart Tree.

Meera Reed and Hodor can't wake him up, which makes getting out of there a whole lot more difficult. An apparently unremarkable scene from his dad's childhood, where boy-Hodor (Wylis! The wights burrow through the ground and into the hollow under the tree.

In the Game of Game of Thrones, everyone is what they are, and where they are, for a reason. It would still be a plausible development; believe it or not, women have been finding inner strength and independence without getting raped for a long time.

The reveal of Hodor's big secret traverses time and space, and instantly threw Game of Thrones into the realm of the metaphysical. What if the Known World is a parallel universe to our own? Sometimes it's just a part of growing up, sometimes it involves other forms of hardship or violation — of which Sansa has endured plenty.

" and Yara's like, "You have a point." Theon's like, "Stop all the gallivanting! " ( 6 burn on Theon.) "Peas and carrots, peas and carrots, peas and carrots," the agitated Pykians whisper to one another.

Euron "wins" the kingsmoot, which earns him 25 and an inaugural drowning.

Euron also has big plans to go marry Daenerys Targaryen, as do most people these days.

Yara is like, "You killed my dad," and Euron's like, "You're welcome!

That being said, part of me wishes she could have had this growth and newfound independence without having to be raped.

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