Validating xml parser requires

All grammars (XML schema, DTD) that are used for implicit validation must be registered with e Xist using OASIS catalog files.These catalog files can be stored on disk and/or in the database itself.

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Extension functions for validating XML in an XQuery script are provided.

Starting with e Xist-db release 1.4 the following validation options are provided: Each of these options are discussed in the following sections.

Java 1.4 is the first version of Java to include an XML parser as a standard feature.

In earlier versions of Java, you need to download a parser from the Web and install it in the usual way, typically by putting its file in your The most important decision you'll make at the start of an XML project is the application programming interface (API) you'll use.

The resolver identifies XSDs by the (target)namespace, DTDs are identified by the Public Id.

Validation performance is increased through grammar caching; the cached compiled grammars are shared by the implicit validation feature.In 2002, there’s very little need for any programmer to write their own parser.Unless you have very unusual requirements, the chance that you can write a better parser than Sun, IBM, the Apache XML Project, and numerous others have already written is quite small.In e Xist the actual resolving is performed by the apache xml-commons resolver library.It is possible to configure any number of catalog entries in the entity-resolver section of .Client applications use method calls defined in the parser API to receive or request information the parser retrieves from the XML document.


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