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You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios.

Download Excel data validation examples Now, instead of typing your list values in the data validation Source box, you add the name that you just defined, preceded by an Equal (=) sign.

You can apply a validation rule to a field or to a record.

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Write Line("Error: Please enter a number:") While True Try Variable = CInt(Console. Write Line("Error: Please enter a number:") End Try End While End While End Sub Two comments: 1. You are better to read a string and test it with the system function Is Numeric().

Sub Read Number(By Ref Variable As Integer) Do If Integer.

The field's data type will restrict input values to specify types of data.

The second line of action is the field and table validation rule, which restricts the input value conditionally.

Protecting the validity of your data is one of the most important tasks of a database developer.

To ensure that users enter accurate data, start at the foundation.

That is the A2)=1 portion will change to A3)=1, A4)=1 and so on.

Write("Landscape Size: ") Is Numeric(Landscape Size) Console.

Check out this video by Doug from Office as he gives a quick data validation overview.

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