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The configuration appears to be suitable for clustering.However, you should review the report because it may contain warnings which you should address to attain the highest availability".

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Validating cluster resource name

The dependencies for this resource can be changed through Failover Cluster Manager by clicking on the resource and selecting 'Properties', then choosing the 'Dependencies' tab.

This resource is marked with a state of 'Failed' instead of 'Online'.

If a resource fails it will be restarted in a separate monitor to try to reduce the impact on other resources if it fails again.

This value can be changed by opening the resource properties and selecting the 'Advanced Policies' tab.

Now I'll discuss some of the improvements made to the troubleshooting tools for failover clusters and show you how to take advantage of those tools.

There are some new event channels for failover clustering to help with troubleshooting. Note that the events are specific to the node you're on.

I have two Exchange 2010 Standard servers on Server 2008R2 Enterprise servers.

In the Cluster Manager-Cluster Core Resources it shows that the DTC is failed and it will not come back on-line. Attempt to find the drive letter corresponding to the cluster DTC's dependent disk resource has failed.

The backup agent never completed sucessfully so it didn't show up in the Programs-Uninstall control panel.

But it did create the DTC when I attempted a re-install of the backup software.

There is a check-box 'run this resource in a separate Resource Monitor'.


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