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If he uses reverse psychology, it would just piss her off, and he'll definitely let her know what a cheap lame game player she is. If avoided, they will start looking like the complete fools they are. Then complain you never get a straight answer and everything is game playing. Next time you see her, turn on the "charm" and maybe you can actually cause her to go apoplectic with boredom. Both the guy who's available every second and the one who's never around are BOTH unattractive. Also - "genuine" - a guy who wants to spend time, but also has other things going on - NOT a guy who has nothing going on or very little but ACTS like he's busy. IMO, a guy who tries reverse psychology will only engage women who respond to (and play) games, or who are easily fooled (not very bright or are naive). H.x Why would you want to waste your time on some chick being a b! Most guys are quick enough to pick up on the social convention of 'anything other than a yes is a no.'If the only responses you are getting are excuses it may have something to do with your approach.

Instead of the guy using reverse psychology, I say drop it in general. If you allow someone to play games, be prepared for nothing but. I think that's the only way you may get a little "action." Heaven knows, she couldn't actually find your shenanigans tiresome. but I draw the line at over the top out of control stupidity. When I hit the stage where I feel I'm out of control, everything stops. Like most topics in the forums, the key words are "balance" and "genuine". That means he's got time to hang out, but he's not sitting waiting for me to call or dropping everything when I want to hang out. What happens with women like this is you will never get anywhere with her once you decide to stop playing the game, so in order to date her you have to constantly not be yourself. OP- when a girl starts to play games with you..tries to..means she's not that into you. I have had guys physically corner me to force me to talk to them, guys approach me at work and keep asking me out where I can't tell them to get the F away from me.

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So how can you apply reverse psychology on women to attract and even turn women on?

Well, when you tell a woman NOT to touch you, and she still ends up touching you anyway…why?

It also evokes the scarcity principle and it makes her run after you like a moth to a flame. Her: "I just want to be friends." You: "That is exactly what I was thinking and was going to suggest it myself.

I think you and I would be better off as friends anyway." Her: "I am not ready to make love." You: "Now that you mention it neither am I.

they typically have plenty of what guys would consider options. they are more interested in real options with a guy they are interested in getting to know.

SO when they do find one guy in 100 that they are interested in, they will not do anything that gives him a hint that they are not interested in him. Because any man that values himself and has self respect - after a woman does not say "YES" and show interest- he'll not ask her again.

I think you are a little too presumptuous about my interest in you here.

If you cannot have a casual coffee with me then you can leave now." You say this to any ice queen and you'll melt her right to the ground and get her take an opposite position to what you suggest.

If I really want a guy I just get him alone and ask him to rip all his clothes off. For me, I have to much of an up front personality and games annoy me. If you are asking the same woman out again and again, she will make excuses and ask security to walk her to her car at night to make sure you aren't out in the parking lot to meet her at her car.

There is only one thing I want to get hard when I really like a guy and I ain't playing. I am not the type to live in fear, but the world can be a scary place for women when we don't know what a guy is capable of.

As dictates by our society, women are not supposed to openly express their sexual interests.

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