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To update to Zoom Browser EX 5.5, Zoom Browser EX 2.x/3.x needs to be installed on your computer.2.

Conversion of the database files Before using Zoom Browser EX 5.5 for the first time, you need to convert the database files used in previous versions to the database files for Zoom Browser EX 5.5.

We can access this tool via the Zoom Browser interface, selecting Tools in the Menu Toolbar, then Process RAW images and finally selecting the RAW photos taken with our Camera.

RAW Image Task is valid for the following cameras: EOS 450D, 5D, 10D, 20D, 20Da, 30D,300D, 350D, D30, D60, 1Ds Mark III,40D, 1D Mark III, 400D DIGITAL, 1D, 1Ds, 1D Mark II,1Ds Mark II, and 1D Mark II N.

Note: Be sure to relocate these files after converting the database files.4. Please start RAW Image Converter from the Start menu when converting RAW images, or by installing the File Viewer Utility.5.

Zoom Browser EX 5.5 does not come with a TWAIN interface. Displaying the camera owner's name in slideshows Download and Installation Before installation, confirm that Zoom Browser EX 2.x, 3.x, or 4.x or Digital Photo Professional 1.x or EOS Viewer Utility1.x has been installed on your computer.1.

Changes The changes in Zoom Browser EX 5.5 from Zoom Browser EX 5.2.1 are as follows.1. You can now simply print one image per sheet of paper. You can simply print one image per page and also print the shooting date on the image by using this menu.1-2.

When making index prints, it is possible to select the shooting information to print.

When printing the shooting information, such as the white balance or the shutter speed, you can select any of those items to print.1-3.

A new function has been added to extract frames from a movie and save them as images (for Windows XP only).1-4.

By using this tool, after transferring the photographs to the computer, we can set the parameters to them before editing.

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