Updating multiple rows in gridview

After selecting the checkbox they can select a button that should change each status of the checked record.

I would loop through the rows and pass the values to a parameter and then update in database.

One thing, it is more work that doesn't need to be done.

Database Design: In this article I will be using a custom database called School which consists of a single table called “Users”.

The Users table contains only three columns namely First Name, Last Name and User ID.

Have you looked at the events given by the Data Grid View, such as the Cell Value Changed event?

If you do you can simply store the row index of the changed cell in a set for instance, and when you click save you go through the collection and update each one in the database.

Would you mind clarifying the problem you are facing?

Is it that you are unable to update the database, or that you are unsure what the best solution is to do it?

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In this article I will demonstrate how to convert the whole Grid View in edit mode with a click of a button.

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