Updating figures in word

I believe it has something to do with the captions as the problem also occurs when caption fields are updated.

I have tried saving the file as a pdf to avoid the issue but the same problem occurs.

Word is automatically updating the fields when you print.

updating figures in word-16

Instead, I tried to copy and paste special unformatted text into a new document. This file will also need to be compiled with others at a later date (it is a chapter for my Masters thesis).

Thanks so much for your time and for taking such an interest, it is very much appreciated!

If so, there may be an syntax error that is causing problems with the captions. Sorry, I may not have explained this clearly enough in my first post. The file is currently 579kb (although I will need to insert some large image files later).

I wasn’t sure how to check the size of all the images as some of them are imported directly from a graphing program (Sigma Plot10). I am using Endnote X1, the images that reappear are maps exported as files from Arc GIS, and there are a couple of autoshapes acting as placeholders for future images.

From my experience, stray spaces is the number one reason for weird formatting errors. If you want to add to the discussion, use the comment box at the bottom of the page. ) Thank you but problems persist by: Helen Thanks so much for your quick reply.

Using multiple soft carriage returns instead of pressing Enter for a hard carriage return is probably number two! If so, please leave a comment and let me know what worked so other readers with the similar problems can be helped, too. I managed to solve the problem with normal text reformatting to caption style.

Is there a paragraph symbol there, or does it look like a left-pointing arrow?

If it looks like an arrow, delete the arrow, then press Enter to create a hard carriage return.

I am not working with Master and Sub documents and I think that I have now removed all stray formatting spaces tabs etc.


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