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And print render($page['navigation']) doesn't render either.

Moved to official ideas list at Here it is, the traditional proposal: a module that automatically fetches modules (and themes, theme engines, etc.) from and uploads them to your site.

Then unzip the archive for the new release of the module or theme that you have downloaded to your local computer.

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If you want to, you can change the settings in order for Drupal to check automatically for updates for disabled modules and themes too.

At the top right corner of the Available updates report page there are a few tabs.

Check out the link mentioned to learn more about the effort, would love your input on how to accomplish this big usability improvement. Jacob This would be just great -- a relatively simple way to perform updates.

Funny, but I was just on the phone this AM with Alex Lindahl of Acquia about my interest in handling this sort of thing on my own, as a site owner (rather than paying for external support to do this, as I'm doing now).

If there's any way to hook this into a module/tool for backups, that would be great. One key piece, on the backup front, is ensuring the backups actually work and can be used to restore a site. For the non-geek, that's a pretty tall order -- testing out a backup of a Drupal site to make sure the site can be restored. If there's any way to hook this into a module/tool for backups, that would be great.' There is the Backup and Migrate module, although it is likely to stay in contrib, we could allow it to hook into this process and provide a quick backup link there. The only way to safely do this in Drupal now, is to take the site offline, backup the code and DB.

Then a restore will be safe, otherwise, anyones' guess.I’ve entered the D7 ux fray, specifically focusing my generous amount of Acquia community time on getting a project called the Plugin Manager spruced up and into core.For more background on the effort, see: Plugin Manager in Core (part 1).To view the report, in the admin panel of your Drupal go to the Reports section and click on Available updates: On the page that opens you'll see listed all the enabled core and contributed modules and themes.If there's a newer release for a contributed module or theme, there should be a link just under the name of the particular module or theme to that module's/theme's page on the official Drupal site: You can download the new release from the page of the particular module or theme.Unlike previous attempts, however, this will not be a security risk; it will use its own (s)ftp engine to upload fetched files to the site.


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