Updating access spreadsheet

Is the problem I have related to the fact the Excel file is a "Template"......which is after completion saved under a different name ?

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Hello, I have a spreadsheet that already contains specific labels (headings, company logo, etc), that I would like to periodically update with information that is located within an Access Database.

I tried using a command button to have it print the data out into excel (based on a report I designed in Access); it works just fine to output the data into a spreadsheet, but it will not keep the labels that I put in my access report.

Therefore, I am wondering if there is another way that I could have access take the data from the database and update the original spreadsheet so it will maintain the proper labels (headings, logos, etc.).

I need to make this easy, because the end users are not really very computer savvy..help would be greatly appreciated. Have you tried to use the Data - Import Data - New Database Query function inside excel.

Yes, if you use a different name each time you will have to change the file name in the update query.

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Transfer Spreadsheet function in Access, usually run on a form's "Timer" so I don't have to remember to run it periodically, to create a spread-sheet (we call them "Reference" spread-sheets) that is not the one that the user actually looks at, but which the one the user looks at points to for data.

The active spread-sheet that the user looks at can be highly formatted, but refresshing it after the reference spread-sheet has been created gives the user current data.

Note the XLS file is the last graphic but I should have posted it first. In an Excel (2010) Template I have a linked tbl to the Access Dbase.

I would like to enter a date into the Excel Date Completed field in the Excel linked tbl and have it update the Access Date completed field.

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