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The conglomerates have us all convinced that a bag of chips, or a can of soda one day "old" is going to physically harm us.

I find myself wondering that if this were truthful, then how did people fifty years ago, when this knowledge was unknown, not get massive outbreaks of food borne illnesses.

Any opinions on this subject and the essay content appreciated.

It would be for a topic of your choice essay for a college application.

Online colleges have become more popular especially among people such as those with physical disabilities, stay-at-home mothers and those with busy work schedules.

This is because these colleges give […] You may have decided to go back to school to obtain a license for a specialized job field.

We must take into account people like my 96 year old Bubbie.

She is perfectly healthy, and even admits to consuming foods that are "old".You always hear nonsense such as just because you went to university doesn't mean you are smart or that everyone who goes to university just gets brainwashed and dont think for themselves. An online college is a fully accredited institution that is widely recognized and offers an academic degree that is earned through the use of the internet.However, if you were to be craving a bag of Lays, on any given Tuesday, and you realize the bag you are about to engorge is expired, would you still eat it?Would you put aside the common conception that you are about to eat disease causing bacteria and fulfill your stomach's desire?Every bag of Frito-Lays chips expires on a Tuesday.

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