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Timeago was built by Ryan Mc Geary (@rmm5t) while standing on the shoulders of giants. The verbiage was based on the Are you concerned about time zone support? As long as your timestamps are in ISO 8601 format and include a full time zone designator (±hhmm), everything should work out of the box regardless of the time zone that your visitors live in.

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Examples include the date on which the form was filled out, birthday, expiration date, start and/or end time, hours worked, days rented and so on.

All of these fields require an expression of time displayed as either a date or time string.

Using document.cookie with following format: Another way is to install a Firefox plugin. A new tab ("Cookies") is present: There is also an utility available (IECookies View) More details here. But, keep in mind that most websites will not work properly without cookies.

The Interval() method can be written without the window prefix.

The staic message displayed can be configured with the Yes, timeago has locale/i18n/language support. Please submit a Git Hub pull request for corrections or additional languages.

When set to false, if the time is in the past then instead of displaying a message like "5 minutes ago" a static message will be displayed. Dynamic updates are supported by all chart types including line, area, column, bar, pie, etc.Below are some examples of HTML5 & Java Script based dynamic charts.When I run the page, it gives me the correct time, but it doesn't change with every minute, so even after 10 minutes or so I get the time that was visible when I loaded the page. Here's my fiddle so far: Ed/132/ So, here's the question I asked myself when I read this question.When you say update every minute, do you mean that verbatim?The first parameter is the function to be executed.

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