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hey.name is gopica and i am from kerala and i looking for good friend who living in kerala and can give me all kind of satiesfaction so if you are interested in me.kindly comment you mobile number in comment box hell0, my name is naisnka right now i am student of college and i want to marry with boy who is well educated and can give me satiesfaction for all kind of .whenver you are free you can send me text message so please send me text message on my given mobile number...

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i wanted to chat with boys and i am finding good friends for friendship and chatting.

you can call me anytime or you can message me by saying hellow dhara, if i do have my mobile i will replay to you.

hello, here my self binita i am working at college univercity and i like to make new friend who is living at karnataka state and having full time to spend for my for my love so if you are one of them dont forget to share your mobile number in comment box.

okkk plz give me your mobile number in comment box.

so if you do interested in me plz comment below your mobile number my self, nidhi and i am from india and i am only 17 year old and i looking for new friend for whatsappp chatting and for daily phone sex and conversation on call.

so if you are interested give me your mobile whatsapp number in comment box.

some of them are tamil married girls, tamil single girls number is also given in this post. girls are generally not sharing their mobile number on internet but here some of ensatiesfied girls is there in tamil state so that they have shared their mobile number on this post. i am engineering student and i looking for boy friend for lifetime. i not satiesfied from my husband so that i want contact number of men who is very hard and can give me satiesfaction also i will be ready to marry with if you.

please give me your mobile number in comment box .i want to caht iwth you on wahtsap number of yours hello, in this post, we given girls real mobile number where you can chat or even you can make call to any girl.

if you are also from ahmedabad please give me your mobile number in comment box, i wanted to meet you at ahmedabad. i am from veraval city and right now i am living at somnath and i finding boy to chat with me.

so please give me your mobile number in comment box. who can take my care and can give me all kind of satiesfaction.

because of i like to make only and only geinuine friend.


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