Sidney crosby dating history

Golf clubs and a new pair of hockey pants are in the trunk. Crosby has with him a bottle of Fiji water, a banana and a bottle of Aquafina — for mixing amino acids later.

Talk soon turns to how expensive hockey sticks have become. “Haven't bought one of those in a while.” ..........

He's a philanthropist and has started thinking about his legacy outside of hockey, something he hopes to shape through charity and his foundation.

No longer Mario Lemieux's tenant, Crosby is a homeowner twice over, including lakefront property in rural Nova Scotia that he showed off recently to a Trib Total Media reporter and photographer.

He doesn't like change, and he's not extravagant.

Lunch on that day occurred at Pete's Fine Foods, a Halifax grocery store similar to Whole Foods. Around Nova Scotia, Crosby tools around in a 6-year-old Chevy Tahoe.

And his biggest recent undertaking outside of the hockey school? “He wants to be one of the guys and doesn't really seek to separate himself or get special treatment in any way,” said Andy O' Brien, Crosby's trainer for the past 15 years.

“He takes a lot of enjoyment in the regular, simple things in life and having a normal, ordinary routine.” ..........“I brought her home around Christmas,” Crosby said.“My sister (Taylor) liked her and asked to keep her through the end of the year.Any proceeds benefitted the Sidney Crosby Foundation, which was started in 2009 and raises money for children-focused charities.“He's not making money off of it,” Mac Kinnon said.He still is unfailingly polite, patient and humble — traits he attributes to his working-class hometown of Cole Harbour.


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