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You'll need to attach this to your title application (Form MV-1).

If you can't find your plate, or can't get a readable tracing, you can take your car to an inspection mechanic or dealership notary public who can provide a verification of your VIN.

Within 10 days of registration, your vehicle must undergo a safety inspection.

Visit our section below on completing a vehicle inspection for details.

Within those counties, all gasoline-powered cars, vans, light duty trucks require testing if they: As stated above, in required counties you must have an emissions inspection sticker valid for at least the next 90 days in order to have your safety inspection completed.

To complete your vehicle safety inspection, visit any of the official PA vehicle inspection stations; usually, these are repair stations or garages with repair stations.

Once your vehicle passes the safety inspection, you'll receive a PA inspection sticker valid for 1 year.* * Your vehicle must undergo an emissions inspection annually.

Your registration renewal card will remind you when it's time to have an emissions test.

: If your vehicle is required to undergo emissions inspection, you must have an emissions test certificate that is/will be valid for at least the next 90 days before you can receive your safety inspection sticker.

If your emissions certificate will expire within 90 days, you must have it renewed before renewing your safety inspection.

Data will be provided for a three year period from 1 January of the preceding year through 31 December of the following year. Azimuth is measured to the point where the great circle determining the altitude of an object meets the horizon.

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