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Maybe he likes to wear Nantucket Reds; okay, you think it is cute.But try not to hold your breath every time some guy on the street passes you wearing the same shade of salmon.

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If a guy does not treat you well from the beginning, it is just not logical to expect that he is going to get better with time. On a similar note as “Don't obsess over him,” it is also important not to suffocate him.

You owe it to yourself not to compromise what you want in a boyfriend just because a guy who's close enough is interested and happens to be right in front of you. One aspect of this is avoiding the double text; if you text him and he does not immediately reply, this does not mean you should text again. Or maybe he is in class and not currently checking his phone.

If a friend doesn't like your new guy but cannot give you a concrete reason, maybe take her advice with a grain of salt.

Conversely, if a friend has legitimate concerns, you should take her seriously. The classic cliché that love finds you when precisely you stop looking for it exists for a reason.

First of all, this is GW, so that would happen a lot. If you have only been talking for a few weeks and you already have doubts, it is important not to just push them aside.

And second of all, it is unhealthy to obsess over someone that is not even exclusively yours yet. I am not saying to go crazy over every tiny detail – for example, a friend of mine once stopped seeing someone because he did not eat vegetables – but if something does not feel right, you should trust your intuition.

She’s pretty, feisty, sophisticated, driven and ambitious, sarcastic, wealthy and worldly. Blair’s personal style became iconic, and continues to have many recreating her signature looks.

Blair doesn’t take no for an answer, has a strong sense of confidence, knows her worth and does whatever it takes to achieve what she wants. (Her classic headbands, tweed jackets, colored tights, plaid skirts, Louboutin heels, trench coats, pearl earrings and preppy attire ring a bell?!

You do not want to be the person responsible for flooding someone's inbox; that is a little overeager. One of the best parts about a developing relationship is its casual newness.


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