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One example of how you can use backreferencing is searching for doubled words; for example, to find instances of “the the” or “is is” in text.

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The Cold Fusion server evaluates the variables and functions before the regular expression is evaluated.

For example, you can validate against a value that you generate dynamically from other input data or database values.

Note: The rules listed here are for Java Script regular expressions, and apply to the regular expressions used incfinputandcftextinputtags only.

These rules differ from the rules used by the Cold Fusion functions REFind, REReplace, REFind No Case, and REReplace No Case.

Territory ID: GB or UK Country Code: 44 National Trunk Prefix: 0 International Dialling Prefix: 00 This is a short guide to validating and formatting GB telephone numbers.

The regular expressions shown here are very similar to those found in the data files used by the open source libphonenumber project.

provide the foundation for describing or matching data according to defined syntax rules.

A regular expression is nothing more than a pattern of characters itself, matched against a certain parcel of text.

Do a few basic checks on the prefix and length and then remove the 44 country code or 0 trunk code and any extension details from the number and store for later use.

Next, remove all punctuation and spaces from the remainder so that you're left with the 7, 9 or 10 digit National Significant Number.

The mapping sample given here exemplifies the power of Regular Expressions by validating US Phone numbers from multiple form of anomalies.


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