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It does not take into account parents' or guardian’s wishes as to whether or not the contract should have been formed.

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Post dating contracts

Top of page Consumers are entitled to expect that stated delivery dates are honoured.

If, for example, a lounge was purchased with the delivery date being a specified condition which influenced the consumer’s purchase, the consumer may be entitled to seek redress from the trader, such as a refund of a deposit in the event this condition was essential and was breached.

If the trader, at the time the lounge suite was ordered was aware, or should have reasonably been aware, that the lounge could not be delivered as ordered, the trader may be in breach of the (ACL).

The ACL states that it is unlawful to make false or misleading representations about the supply or possible supply of consumer goods or services.

However, taxi fares may not be reasonable when other public transport is available or it would have been cheaper to hire a vehicle.

Top of page A receipt is a written record that a transaction took place.

A supplier must not accept payment for goods or services they do not intend to supply, know they cannot supply or cannot supply in a timely manner.

Goods and services must be supplied in the time specified in the contract, or if a time has not been specified, within a reasonable time after accepting payment.

A contract has three elements: Consumers should be aware however, that payment of a deposit and/or signing any documents may well mean they have entered into a contract and are bound by the terms and conditions of that contract.


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