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VMworld is upon us, a joyous time of year of new product announcements, new features, networking with friends, indulging in delicious cuisine and of course… The biggest area of re-branding, VMware’s Cloud Management Product portfolio, previously known as the VMware v Cloud Operations Management Suite. The rationale behind this change is to align better with the capabilities of their CMP.Realize means to bring into existence; accomplish; be fully aware. The other big name change announcement which I covered last Thursday was that VMware v Cloud Hybrid Service will now be known as VMware v Cloud Air.

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Think of the embedded option to be similar to the SQL Express Option in v Center Server for Windows, great for POC, Demo, Test and extremely small SMB situations, but not practical for production.

The final nail in the coffin might be that it only supports Oracle to offer external DB functionality.

There is the actual Auto Deploy server (1) which is essentially a web server that pushes an ESXi Image Profile to the server, this is driven by the Rules Engine (2) which is accessed/configured via Power CLI along with the Image Builder.

There is a requirement for a TFTP Server (3) which will store the g PXE bootloader (4) and push it to potential ESXi hosts that are led to it by a DHCP Server (5).

Once you watch the video you’re going to be like, “.

For that I do apologize, but when you do watch it you will realize we’re doing a lot more than just installing v Center 5.0. v CSA is not for everyone, but in my opinion it should definitely be looked at and should be leveraged wherever it can.

For reference, the EMC Power Path/VE 5.7 vibs can be downloaded from EMC Powerlink, the VMware v Cloud Director agent can be copied from your v Cloud Director server from the /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/agent folder and the vmware-fdm agent can be grabbed directly from the v Center Server by adding Created on December 27, 2011 by Rick Scherer Posted under v Center, v Sphere. Tags: auto deploy, dhcp, EMC, fdm, gpxe, ha, powercli, powerpath, tftp, vcenter, vcloud, v CSA, vsphere 5 In this video we’re going to cover the installation, configuration and usage of the VMware v Center 5.0 Server Appliance (v CSA).

The v CSA is a brand new production ready Virtual Appliance that allows you to stand up v Center Server in literally a few minutes.

We now official see these as VMware EVO: Rail and VMware EVO: Rack.


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