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links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page.john claims that his stage name was provided by jesus who was driving around inglewood: "he hopped out and handed me a dead pigeon.of soul - "not this record" from the second comin (1993).

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A rapper's style icon can say much about his performance and this L. "Emily" is a pure emo lesson about getting a girl pregnant and feeling bad for cutting out on her, a lighter-weight version of "Sorry Miss Jackson." It's probably the most serious song on this collection of songs that, while not flippant, are certainly lighthearted.

Flavor Flav had his clock, Tupac had his "Thug Life" tattoo and Pigeon John has his fedora?! As you'd expect, Pigeon John doesn't come out blazing on his debut album. He is the everyman, tripping over his "Highschool Reunion" and sweating over his girl problems.

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da psalmist - "change is gonna come" from emceeing again (2009).

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cloud - "the pigeon john song" from is this thing on?

So when he raps, "Every word I write seals my fate/Losing every single one of my friends to date," on "Life Goes On" it's hard to believe he's serious.

In fact, the lesson told by guest Abstract Rude pretty much certifies that the song is a fable rather than an autobiography.

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