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But rounding out the batting order are those for whom adult pursuits (a steady job, healthy lifestyle, punctuality) are theoretical concepts rather than daily concerns.Back in 1983, psychologist Dan Kiley wrote a book called “The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up.” He must have struck a nerve, because the book became an international best-seller.As any psychologist will tell you, chronic self-centeredness is a big pool of quicksand on the road of love. You can stay afloat in it for a while, but sooner or later you’ll submerge and suffocate. ” That innocent little word has become a part of our cultural vernacular, for better or worse. In the movie version of ‘Peter Pan’, the iconic man-child tells his new lady friend, “Forget about them, Wendy.


“Rules are made to be broken.” Our society champions and applauds nonconformists—artists, entrepreneurs, inventors.

These are the people who challenge assumptions and kick down doors for the sake of progress and innovation.

I’m by no means condoning becoming a ‘player’ or leading people on; after all, what kind of dating advice is that?

However, what I am endorsing is the idea that dating doesn’t have to be so rigid, especially when it comes to online dating where you are spoilt for choice.

But when fun-loving and lighthearted cross over into unreliable and irresponsible, the teeter-totter lands on the ground with a painful thud. Being alive and alert in the present doesn’t mean disregarding the future.

Prudent preparation and planning for tomorrow may help a person savor today.

This got me thinking about how this new style of dating lends itself to the modern dater and online dating in particular. For most, the idea of multi-pan dating might not seem like the right way of going about things, with a more conventional way of dating being favoured; that is, finding one person you’re interested in and sticking with them until things either develop or fizzle out.

However, if you start every date thinking 'this is the one' and put all of your eggs in one basket (so to speak), you could end up putting too much pressure on the date and end up missing out on the fun.

Instead of thinking ‘this is the one’, why not just add them to the hob on a medium heat.

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