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Ana Lisa, a lot of people want to know what’s going on with her.

What do you think it is like I’m a crackhead or some sh*t just like everyone else is thinking. Raven batted it up for us [she’s a producer on The View] and we hit them with a bang. All of us sitting down and giving our all to the public letting them know what’s going on.

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Orlando brown dating raven

He recently dropped a bombshell about he and raven’s past sex life that the world never knew existed and here is what he revealed to Vlad TV: We dated for a quick second, it wasn’t too much, but I remember being on the phone all damn night, cause she could talk her ass of (LOL).

She would just talk..(LOL)…you ever been on the phone with somebody you love and you’re like ‘Yeah baby I love you, YOU hang up, nah YOU hang up…I love you too boo,” that whole shit, so you know we was kids and all that.“YES I did eat the pu$$y, I ain’t gon’ lie…I did eat the pussy…but it’s alright, I’m not trying to be disrespectful, the truth is the truth…but at the end of the day, just keeping it as real as possible, you know what I mean?

I’m on the phone with Kyle Massey and he was telling me she said ‘Don’t give it to Orlando. If he knows it’s mine he’ll definitely take it for sure.’ And I’m like come one, man! Now that we were able to do a reunion it let us know that we were right.

If that’s how she feels, that’s how the f*ck I feel. Me, Ana Lisa, and Rae we strategized coming up with something that would create buzz.

He gave me the green light, we’re actually going to do Major Payne 2. I just want him to know I love him and I’m ready to get back to work.

A lot of people don’t know he been going through the diabetes thing and that’s a very deep situation. My manager would have me go on 3-4 auditions a day, which is why I was on so many shows and it carried me over to That’s So Raven…Actually, the name of the show was supposed to be Absolutely Psychic and Raven was originally the white girl. And, if it wasn’t for Raven’s dad going to the big heads. So they switched and made Raven with the main girl. Orlando: Oh, no because I was dating her at the time.

You guys can look forward to a real thats so raven reunion.

But, what really hurt my feelings how could she think I stole her phone? A lot of people wants to know what’s going on with Raven and why her hair is purple and different colors of the rainbow and sh*t. You’ve got the celebrities who grew up to be adults and be very powerful that these people want to know about.

Because…what really hurt my feelings was she thought I stole her cell phone and I cried for three days over that shit.

This was like right before she went to go do The View…and it sickened me.

star Raven-Symoné aborted his baby in a new rap track. LMFAO OMG, HURTFUL, BUT ITS COOL, I STILL GOT HER BACK DOE…


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