Non validating xml parser java

It is a new interface introduced as part of DOM L3.

Functionally it is the same as SAX Entity Resolver except that it also provides the information about the namespace of the resource being resolved, for example, the target Namespace of the XML Schema.

For completeness, it is included below: One can write the code in such a way that applications can switch between W3C XML Schema and Relax NG validation without changing a single line of code.

The new Validation Framework gives much more power to the application dealing with XML Schema and significant performance improvements.

XPath APIs provide access to the XPath evaluation environment.

All this has already gone into the Java platform in the latest release of J2SE 5.0.

If you are on J2SE 1.3 or 1.4, a standalone stable implementation of JAXP 1.3 is also available to download from This article mainly concentrates on the work done as part of the JSR 206 effort.

The performance gain largely depends on the ratio (Size of XML Schema / Size of XML document), larger ratios lead to greater performance gains. Using these new Validation APIs, many previously unsolvable problems can be solved in an efficient, easy, and secure way.

Let's look what all you can do with the new Schema Validation Framework.

The first step is to specify the schema language to be used and obtain the concrete factory implementation.

If this function returns successfully, it means an implementation capable of supporting specified schema language is available.

JAXP 1.3 brings richer XML Schema datatype support to the Java platform by adding new datatypes that map to W3C XML Schema datatypes.

Keeping pace with the evolution of XML standards, JAXP 1.3 also adds complete support for the following standards: XML 1.1, DOM L3, XInclude, and SAX 2..0.2.

New Schema Validation Framework concepts are explained in this article along with working code and diagrams.


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