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They are willing to address what they want out of marriage and relationships.

Pre-marital sex is socially unacceptable in much of conservative India and girls who have been found to have had sex outside marriage are often shamed or ostracised by their families and communities.

Earlier this week, activists criticised an Indian judge for calling pre-marital sex "immoral" and saying it was “against the tenets of every religion" when giving his verdict in a rape case.

Breaking news and shaping opinion, it is now a household name and the flagship brand of India’s leading multidimensional media group.

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Women are now asserting themselves more for pleasure.

In the 2005 survey—Sex and the Single Woman—one in four admitted to having had sexual relationships and one-third were comfortable with one-night stands. Dirty Girl was like a treat for me and i can watch it again and again. you know the little indie gems that not many people have heard of..Foremost among them is the assertion of the Indian woman to fulfil her sexual urges and desires.Since the first Sex Survey, the urban Indian woman has come a long way in fulfilling her desires.Police have registered a case against the girl for "an act done with intent to prevent a child being born alive or to cause it to die after birth," the report said.


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