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“It’s hard to watch a video like that and not feel moved to do something and try to make it right to a degree,” City Council member Justin Outling said.

But the truth is that many women report that their sex lives are better after they become mothers. And surprisingly, there are many physical changes postpregnancy that may make your sex life better than ever, too.

Sensory experiences after childbirth can be more intense, says sex therapist Sallie Foley, coauthor of Sex Matters for Women (Guilford Press).

Certain women enjoy the additional sensitivity of their engorged breasts while they're nursing, she notes, while others claim that although orgasms may take longer to achieve due to fatigue, the sensations can be more physically profound.

Cheri Van Hoover, an assistant clinical professor of nursing at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, speculates that increased blood flow during pregnancy increases pelvic congestion of the vaginal area and engorges the genitals -- perhaps permanently enlarging blood vessels and making the genital area more sensitive to stimulation.

According to the News & Record, Cole, along with 15 other officers, had been approved for a promotion before his encounter with Yourse. It’s unclear how many officers were affected by the hold.

Carla Banks, a city spokeswoman, said the promotion was a non-competitive process and was based on the number of years of service.

The body-camera footage, which has since been made public, showed Cole asking Yourse questions about where he lives, why he was sitting outside, whether he has any warrants against him and why he has prison tattoos. Cole then forced Yourse to the ground, as the latter kept screaming: “I’m not resisting! Chief Assistant District Attorney Howard Neumann did not return a call from The Post on Monday, but he told the Greensboro News & Record last week that Cole did not commit a crime.

Yourse, who started to become agitated, admitted that he’d been in prison before. ” Yourse said “You didn’t have to punch me in my eye! Law enforcement officers are entitled to use whatever amount of force they deemed necessary to arrest someone they believed committed a crime, Neumann told the paper.

Dejuan Yourse was outside his mother’s house, sitting on the front porch in Greensboro, NC, when two police officers arrived.

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