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The reasons vary from licensing issues to organizational requirements: The Aggregator tool is focused on supporting these specific requirements.The Aggregator is used in scenarios outside of the traditional "build domain" and this has been reflected in the user interface which does not delve into the details of "building" and should therefore be easy to use by non build experts.

it must be possible to install everything in a Validation Set together.

The model also contains specification of various processing rules (exclusions, transformation of names, etc.), and specification of Contacts - individuals/mailing-lists to inform when processing fails.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that: The CBI Aggregator performs aggregation and validation of repositories.

The input to the aggregator engine (that tells it what to do) is a aggr EMF model.

Here are some of the important features supported by the CBI Aggregator: It is best to start by downloading a fresh release of the Eclipse SDK.

The latest version of the aggregator, from its own software repository, typically goes with the most recently released version of the Eclipse SDK or the Eclipse Platform.

The aggregator builds do not typically keep up with Milestones. The CBI aggregator can either be integrated with your Eclipse SDK or it can be installed as a standalone headless product (i.e. The instructions below show the URLs at the time this section was written (that is, not necessarily the current URLs).

Always check the for the latest aggregator software repository on the CBI download page.

(Note that since the aggr is "just an EMF model", it can be produced via EMF APIs, transformation tools, etc., and thus support advanced use cases).


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