What will happen to this state and its institutions?Let us just discuss the term ‘marginal laborers’ everybody is calling to deport nowadays. Is it those people who add nothing to the process of production?

I could possibly even remotely consider this if there were any affordable healthcare alternatives here, but there aren't.

If you purchase your own private medical insurance in Kuwait (individually and not through your employer company), you are looking at 600 KD and upwards per year.

I didn't see the author's name until I got to the end of the article.

It is written by someone who I respect and admire - a friend from the 'hood in Kuwait.

Her travels take us beyond the boundaries of normalcy. Facebook Group: Desert Girl on Kuwait at https:// E-mail [email protected]

Twitter: @Desert Girlkwt I'm getting physically disgusted to the point of bile-buildup about all the hateful expat-bashing that has become the fashionable trend in Kuwait lately. In discussion with some Kuwaiti (and non-Kuwaiti) friends, they sympathized but said that they agree that foreigners are overwhelming the healthcare system; especially as foreigners in Kuwait represent 2/3 of the population.

Let us see how high garbage piles will rise outside villas and buildings and how teaching will become in public and private school that mainly relying on dictation and memorizing.

Let us just imagine how hospitals and polyclinics would keep functioning without foreign doctors and nurses.

If so, and out of justice, we ought to use the term to describe marginal citizens who add nothing to production, who are nothing but a burden created by our revenue policies.


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