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Evaluation of new Chang Jiang Professor candidates for Ministry of Education of China.

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Since this requires the study of many important control and regulatory elements for gene expression, this link between gene structure and function at the genomic or pre-/pri- RNA level requires high-throughput functional studies. PMID:23293768 Megha Rajaram; Jianping Zhang; Tim Wang; Cem Kuscu; Mamoru Kato; Vladimir Grubor; Robert Weil; Asluag Helland; Anne-Lise Borrenson-Dale; Kathleen Cho; Douglas A Levine; Alan N Houghton; Jedd D Wolchok; Lois Myeroff; Sanford D Markowitz; Michael Zhang; Alex Krasnitz; Robert Lucito; David Mu; Scott Powers (2013) Two Distinct Categories of Focal Deletions in Cancer Genomes.

Detecting cis regulatory elements and modeling gene expression networks are difficult challenges in the functional genomics era. (2013) Major chromosomal breakpoint intervals in breast cancer co-localize with differentially methylated regions.

Working closely with bench-scientists, our investigation will undoubtedly contribute to the understanding of genome organization as well as gene expression and regulation mechanisms, which will in turn have a profound impact on biology and medicine.

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2006 IEEE EMBC Co-chair on Bioinformatics and System Biology, Aug 30, NYC.

2007 APBC Chair session on Microarray Data Analysis, Jan 15. Genet., Computational Biology, Genetics, The Plant Journal, Genomics, J. For example, publications can be categorized by the Journal that they appear in. NIH/NCI Salt Institute Cancer Research Center site visit. It will allow you to show other couples in the India area what you two are all about.Massive list of articles within one of the Museum subcategories that aren't tagged with the project. Genome Study Section /NIH, Regular member,1999-2003. JBCB (Editorial board member), Systems and Synthetic Biology (SSB, Editorial board Member), Comparative and Functional Genomics (Editorial Board member), Int.

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