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Yet the definitions of singledom are becoming more fluid and freeing.

Anne Byrne, a sociologist at NUI Galway, is hopeful of a sea change.

And yet the idea that singledom is a bold choice persists.

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The truth is that an insidious streak of singlism still runs through society.

In an ostensible bid to champion cuddly family values, politicians pander to “hardworking families” with tax credits, welfare payments and tax breaks.

Take it from one who knows (seven years and counting): being long-term single in Ireland isn’t always an unending jamboree of suitors, f*** buddies and ardent paramours.

It’s a delicious narrative, but ultimately misleading.

“More people are choosing to be single in Ireland,” she says.

“Being happy with oneself and making self-determined choices not only enable ‘solo women’ to pursue the creative, practical and relational passions that animate a life, but may also inspire others to question the dominant version of heterosexual marriage, pro-family ideology and the too-narrow perceptions of womanhood in a rapidly changing society.” “Whom to marry and when will it happen – these two questions define every woman’s existence,” writes Kate Bolick in her book .We’re a little more austere about divulging the salty details.Life does not necessarily revolve around needing a man, or even wanting a man.I was in a relationship previously where we morphed into each other, and I won’t ever do that again.I will never lose myself in another person.” Meredith Gregge “It isn’t a conscious decision – it just seems to work out that way.Some people gravitate towards being in a pair, and that takes work and effort that I had little interest in putting in. On some level it’s my decision, but no one believes that.


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