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Non-trauma patients, including hangings and drownings, were excluded.

The patients were subgrouped into those who were intubated and those who were transferred awake. Neurosurgical procedures, ISS scores, mechanism of injury and mortality within a week were recorded as well.

Above this level, the seizure risk increases exponentially.

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Carolyne narrates how her Birthday was about to be ruined when she boarded KAS 253V from Nairobi’s CBD to Kenyatta National Hospital and was about to be robbed and possibly raped.

Here is her post on Facebook “No sooner had I got comfortable with oblivion than we get to Kenyatta Hospital stage.

Download PDFRegarding dosing, as we previously discussed there are three formulations.

You can see that what the three formulations have in common is the maximum recommended daily dose of 450 mg/day.

Through a post on her Facebook account, the woman, Carolyne Karimi, narrated how the matatu crew tried to inject her with a sedative so as to rob her.

She also narrated how she was able to take photos of the evil crew who tried hard to make her shut up when she noticed that the other women were acting unconscious in the car and decided to call for help.The decision to anaesthetise and intubate is not always an easy one.When learning to anaesthetise and intubate we are often told that a GCS of 8 or less is when the patient scores a tube in trauma. One of the limbo zones that aren’t covered very well by our basic training is managing airways in the agitated head trauma patients or the patients with a GCS greater than 8.It doesn’t specifically deal with agitated patients but looks closer at the trauma patients with a GCS of 13-14.The agitated patients we deal with typically score a GCS of 13-14.Bupropion sustained release from 200 to 450 mg/ day and extended release from 150 to 450 mg/day. The extended release version is the most commonly prescribed formulation.

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