Google calendar add by url not updating

I want you to know that we’re working on full integration with Google Calendar, which will be a huge improvement on our current subscription model.

Unfortunately, as the sync is determined on the calendar’s end rather than ours (https:// I was thinking that Wunderlist was going to finally be the "one" that would motivate me to leave Reminders since I would be able to see my due dates on my calendar AND have a To Do List with useful functionality.

gws_rd=ssl#q=google calendar does not refresh calendar feed) I’m not able to be of more help. All the best, Keturah It makes sense that the issue is on the calendar's end, but what doesn't make sense is that my tasks don't show up after manually syncing and then refreshing the calendar. I'd be better off writing everything down on a note pad with a nice ink pen!! Not quite there yet and there is no way to automate the moving of my hundreds of items from Reminders.

They just released integration with Microsoft's i OS Outlook client, so maybe that's where they've been focusing their resources, which makes sense given that they are now part of Microsoft.

It's hard to find fault with them for that prioritization.

All the best from Berlin, Eric Hey, how about a timeframe on this "new calendar integration that will work much better with Google Calendar" ?

I won't even start to use Wunderlist if we are talking about a year. Sure would appreciate ANY sort of rough time frame. it often will not refresh until I reload (well beyond 48 hrs let alone 8 hrs). I have (as does my partner) accounts in both ecosystems. We also love calendar feeds that are useful and updated. The calendar feed itself is always up-to-date, it’s thew calendar apps that aren’t requesting it often enough.gws_rd=ssl#q=google calendar does not refresh calendar feed On some calendar apps like i Cal a user can chose the refresh-rate (Every 5 min for example) and that works perfectly. BTW, i cannot sync a task with "due hours", it just link those task with "non-due hours"...All the best from Berlin, Eric I'm having the same problem. When is it going to be a new release to fix it :`( I'm having the same problem.When I subscribe to it on the Calendar app on Mac for example, where I can set the refresh interval to 5min, it’ll refresh the feed every 5min reliably and I see all changes I made in Wunderlist. I love Wunderlist for years but this is a real shame. I've already tried SUNRISE calendar for this - where that feature works without any problems and in seconds!Even re-subscribing to the calendar feed won’t show you the updated data most of the time since Google calendar is caching the data. But hate to have million different apps to organize myself.After that please right-click the calendar in the sidebar, then click on “Get Info”.

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