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This article explains how to install the Ti Vo App on your Android device.

The problem with this and HTC’s Twitter-enabled apps is that they haven’t updated their application to use OAuth in any versions of HTC Sense – including Android 2.2.

We’re not sure what happened in the software development process where they seemingly overlooked OAuth, but it’s a feature-breaking problem that we hope they’ll be able to resolve shortly.

root access), just replace the files by the ones in the zip file attached to the post.

The much easier way is: You should now have a new set of certificates.

Streaming is available on DVRs running software version 20.4.6 or higher.

Premiere Series DVRs and 4-tuner Roamio DVRs also require the standalone Ti Vo Stream running software version 20.4.6 or higher.

Also some HTC smartphones that are using Media Tek processors come without HTC Sense.

At the Mobile World Congress 2010, HTC debuted their new updated HTC Sense UI on the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, with an upgrade available for the Hero and Magic.

If you delete your native user account and readd it, it will give you an exception like this ( org.exception.


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