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In a 2007 interview for Fox News Chapman claimed that while serving his sentence he tackled an inmate about to be shot for attempting to escape, and a congratulatory remark by a prison guard inspired him to become a bounty hunter later.On June 18, 2003, Chapman made international news by capturing Andrew Luster, who had fled the United States in the middle of his trial on charges of drugging and raping a number of women.Mexican authorities had charged all three with "deprivation of liberty," involving the 2003 arrest of Andrew Luster, because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico.

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Luster had been convicted in absentia on 86 counts including multiple rape charges connected to assaults in 1996, 19.

Chapman was assisted by his "hunt team", consisting of his son Leland and Tim Chapman.

On February 16, 2007, a Mexican Federal court ruled that there was no reason not to try him on the charge of deprivation of liberty in Mexico.

In response, on February 23, Hawaii State Representatives Gene Ward, Karen Awana, Rida Cabanilla, Lynn Finnegan, Barbara Marumoto, Colleen Meyer, Kymberly Pine, Joe Bertram, Ken Ito, Marylin Lee, and John Mizuno introduced 'House Concurrent Resolution 50', "Requesting the President of Mexico and the Second District Court of Guadalajara to drop extradition charges against TV Bounty Hunter, Duane 'Dog' Chapman".

He is German on his mother's side and English on his father's side.

His mother was a minister for the Assembly of God church and passed her Christian faith onto her son.Chapman's lead attorney, Brook Hart, reportedly planned to argue that although the charge Chapman faced is a misdemeanor in Mexico Mexican authorities dismissed Hart's claim as the desperate efforts of an American lawyer trying to free his client.They insisted that Chapman had, in fact, been charged with a felony.6/18/03: Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor cosmetics company, who was convicted in absentia of poisoning and rape, was captured by Chapman in Mexico.However, Chapman was charged by Mexican authorities for not handing Luster over to them. He left anyway, and Mexico declared he and his crew fugitives from justice on July 3, 2003, and initiated...An extradition hearing was set for November 16, 2006.


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