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French President François Hollande phoned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and some European leaders after the images of Kurdi emerged in the media.He said that the picture must be a reminder of the world's responsibility regarding refugees.

The Kurdi family tried to obtain entry to Canada under a private sponsorship program whereby groups of five people may also sponsor an individual or family.

They are required to demonstrate that they can provide roughly 27,000 Canadian dollars to support a family of four refugees.

No smuggler, with family in Turkey and a steady income from the lucrative smuggling trade, would want to end up illegally in Europe and risk not being able to return home, where he would be likely to face arrest anyway.

The photograph of Kurdi's body caused international outrage.

However, Abdullah never confirmed the Doğan News Agency interview.

An Iraqi survivor from the same boat, Zainab Abbas, who also lost two children from the disaster, told reporters that Abdullah had been presented to her as the 'captain', that he was driving the overcrowded boat too fast, causing it to flip over, and that he pleaded with her while they were still both in the water not to report him to anyone in authority.

Si è trattato – ha spiegato padre Lombardi – di “una sostituzione di routine delle batterie del pacemaker”.

La decisione del Pontefice di dimettersi dipende “solo dalla percezione delle forze che diminuiscono con l’età”.

According to Alexandra Kotyk, project manager of Lifeline Syria, a refugee settlement group in Toronto, the program requires that people seeking to come to Canada from Turkey first be declared refugees by the Turkish government.


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