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A simple, low cost, way to add a bit of heat to your car camping is to burn a candle or two.

REI sells little candle lanterns that make this safer.

Fuck this reminds me of HIGH-school in more ways than one. other options is that my friends with convered F350 vans run RV heaters in them.... possible, but for me, the extra costs of a heating is worth the extra-comfort. btw: for running the heating, you need a second battery in the inroom. cabels an several other tecnical stuff which makes it get charged by your engine while driving. However, whenever I read these threads and think back upon cold, damp nights, interior frost, car headlights waking me up, etc.

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When I'm sleeping in really cold conditions I keep a few packets of hand warmers close by, then if I wake up freezing in the middle of the night I break one or two open and toss them into my bag, down by my feet. A zero degree bag is worth its weight in gold ( I use an Exped 0 degree down goretex bag) By a old cheap generator.....

I've only had to do it a couple of times, but it feels real good! yeah there loud, but even a small one puts out enough power to run a small electric space heter( no chances to die).... Avoid the wind, make friends with locals and use there dryers in the am to dry your wet gear.... i sleep for about ~50days each winter in my van (plus several in the summer) before i got that van and a heating i also slept in my car.

Offering to pay for the buzz you just scored is a nice gesture, but if someone does, the joint’s originator should leave it at that.

“Offering to pay is nice, but accepting the money would not be right,” Eidinger says. While Eidinger pushes the District to legalize his drug of choice, he won’t push hosts to let him smoke it: “If I’m around a bunch of non-users that don’t like smoke, I will ask their permission and I’ll go outside.” Leave those kids alone.

The Teton Teepee used to rent out cots for about $12 a night too..sure if they're still operating though(?

) Don't forget to keep a well marked Nalgene pee bottle handy.

i use gaz, this one here: systems are about 1000 euros(new, used about 300-500euros). you just need 1-2euros per night for the gaz and everything else gets cheaper the more you use it... go to a restaurant an stay there from skiing-sleeping time. theres only 1 problem: get into your frozen hardcore skiboots. and i'd buy a good sleeping bag, wich is around the costs of a heating (300-500euros). REI sells little candle lanterns that make this safer.

this gets your clothes,skiboots dry and feet warm enough. It is important not to set a bunch of shit on fire with your candle(s), but past that you should be more comfortable and not out too much money. If you are car camping at Targhee, the night security guy will likely ask you to leave...there is a nice turn out about 1/3 of the way down Ski Hill road that people use for car camping all the time.

“Be direct, and [don’t] beat around the bush,” Eidinger says.

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