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You can narrow down by state, and city, even as specific as zip codes and create settings on to alert you to sales happening in your area.

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My mover and upholsterer are at my house so frequently they’ve met my child before some of my friends. Its easy to get caught up in the moment and since estate sales are for a limited time you don’t have the luxury of deliberating over a purchase – a voice of reason whose taste you respect to help you with a decision.

My mother has an amazing eye and is super discerning so she’s my go-to.5. To be honest, I have a storage space filled with things I promise my husband we’ll need someday.

I met my friend Raina nearly eight years ago through work and she remains one of my closest girlfriends in the world (not to mention her daughter, Sunny, was born just a couple weeks after Sloan, so they’re built-in buds).

She’s a total rockstar when it comes to her career – and she co-founded a successful talent agency – but she also has an incredible eye for interior design.

If you’re looking for vintage clothes look closely at the images for the kinds of brands they’re featuring. If you can’t find the time to physically attend an estate sale or want to shop outside your city I like Everything But the House. Do a quick search on sites like 1dibs, e Bay or Etsy to give you a sense of cost and scarcity and then come up with the max amount you’re willing to pay. Speaking of reupholstering and staining, it’s also really important to have vendors you trust who you know can do good work.

The beauty of estate sales is finding rare or one-of-a-kind pieces, but you have to know what you are willing to pay for those pieces. There’s nothing better than finding the perfect chair and seeing its potential once you strip off the hideous floral fabric, but before you take it home, think about the new fabric you’ll have to buy, the reupholstering, staining or whatever else needs to be done and then re-assess if it’s still a good purchase. That way, you don’t buy something that just ends up sitting in your garage. Have someone you can text a picture to for a second opinion.House Republicans' health care bill provides massive tax cuts to the wealthy while increasing taxes for many lower income families, adding to America's big income gap between the rich and everyone else..page-section-568dafc878c4c .page-section-568dafc878c4c .alt-title span .page-section-568dafc878c4c.section-expandable-true:not(.active-toggle):hover .mk-section-color-mask .page-section-568dafc878c4c .expandable-section-trigger i #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-item #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-item:hover #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-icon #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-item:hover .animated-column-icon #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-title, #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-desc #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-item:hover .animated-column-title, #animated-columns-568dafc8898ac .animated-column-item:hover .animated-column-desc .page-section-568dafc88824b .page-section-568dafc88824b .alt-title span .page-section-568dafc88824b.section-expandable-true:not(.active-toggle):hover .mk-section-color-mask .page-section-568dafc88824b .expandable-section-trigger i We are your local personal and company trust expert helping Australians close out their trust accounts.The Baldwyn, Miss.-based company was founded in Tupelo in 1957 and has been hampered by poor performance and growing debt in a challenging retail market.The company filed for Chapter 11 in 2007 and emerged a year later.Keep an eye out for photos of intact rooms – you’ll find the best pieces at homes that are being liquidated in their entirety.

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