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In April 2012, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck was selected No.

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Sexy soccer star Heather Mitts and career NFL backup quarterback A. Feeley began dating in 2002 and eventually married in 2010.

Mitts had previously dated tennis player James Blake and (now retired) baseball player Pat Burrell.

Here are some of the hottest athletes who date MMA fighter Miesha Tate is currently dating fellow UFC Team Alpha Male fighter Bryan Caraway.

Apparently things are getting serious between the couple because, in March 2012, Caraway threatened to "knock (the) head off" and/or "choke" Ronda Rousey in the wake of Tate's first-round loss by submission to her.

In addition to being famous, richer and more physically fit than your average person, professional athletes have a much bigger dating pool to choose from as well.

Sure, that doesn't sound fair at all, but that's just one of the many perks that come along with the territory.Feeley obviously recognized a good thing and hung onto Mitts, his first high profile romance.Raiders backup quarterback Matt Leinart dated college basketball player Brynn Cameron while they were both attending the University of Southern California.Mc Ilroy and Wozniacki have been spotted all over the world together over the last year—partying, sight-seeing and supporting each other at various competitions.Former professional volleyball player/model Gabrielle Reece and former professional big wave surfer/model Laird Hamilton have been married since 1997.Luck had flown to New York from Georgia, where he was in town to watch his girlfriend, Stanford gymnast Nicole Pechanec, compete in the national gymnastics championships.


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