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For more information about SQL Server restore scenarios, see Restore and Recovery Overview (SQL Server).

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RESTORE is not allowed in an explicit or implicit transaction.

Restoring a damaged master database is performed using a special procedure.

For more information about tail-log backups, see Tail-Log Backups (SQL Server).

Each version of SQL Server uses a different default path than earlier versions.

Therefore, to restore a database that was created in the default location for earlier version backups, you must use the MOVE option.

For information about the new default path, see File Locations for Default and Named Instances of SQL Server.This setting is always set following a RESTORE statement, which includes the WITH RESTRICTED_USER option.To restore a database that is encrypted, you must have access to the certificate or asymmetric key that was used to encrypt the database.When a database is first attached or restored to a new instance of SQL Server, a copy of the database master key (encrypted by the service master key) is not yet stored in the server.You must use the OPEN MASTER KEY statement to decrypt the database master key (DMK).During a restore, most of the database options that are settable using ALTER DATABASE are reset to the values in force at the time of the end of backup.

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