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As far as taking the helm and telling people what to do, no thank you.

[] A little further down the road we have “Escape,” in which Clark and Lois go to a bed-and-breakfast… Couples traditionally spend the night at a bed-and-breakfast….

Some of the fans have dubbed your costumed self “Wonder Lane.” [] We have these great designers who made me an “Amazon princess” for the day, because we have to be careful not to do Wonder Woman.

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I have a tendency to overanalyze anyways, and I’m ] As “Absolute Justice” rolls around, where do things stand with Lois and Clark (played by Tom Welling)?

We’re still at the tentative, starting out phase, realizing that we have feelings for each other, doing the dating thing…. While Clark is out meeting his costumed peers, what’s Lois up to?

Skipping ahead to next week’s episode, “Warrior,” a few of the released images have people talking. She doesn’t have to witness it, thank goodness – that’s something she wouldn’t want in her brain forever – but she does find out about it and deals with it in her very brash, Lois way, which I thought was great.

For one, what’s up with Zatanna (Serinda Swan) kissing Clark? What about Lois’ outfit, what are you hearing about that?

You really don’t want your boyfriend kissing this chick.

As Lois finds herself in this situation, she realizes how much it affects her and how jealous she was about it… Lois and Chloe haven’t been around each other, their stories don’t overlap too much. And what’s nice about Allison is she an actress so she knows where you’re coming from.

Entering their 10th and final season this year, the 200th episode marks a major milestone for the show.

originally premiered October 16, 2001 on the WB and will be ending their respectable run this season with Clark Kent finally becoming Superman.

I just take each situation on its own accord and try to find out where it was coming from and make it really real.


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