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She escaped the moments of worry and fear and took up the role of a mother very well after the delivery.

Dichen can be found in Instagram with more than five hundred posts.

Their hope is to build a database that artists and academics can use to check the pulse of the post-internet music community.

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She has been known as a hardworking and dedicated actress who was ready to make adjustments for the successful completion of her work.

Really, the actress has been living up to the expectation and done her best in every ways possible.

You could say that, simply, post-internet art is art the internet, instead of merely being on it.

The two artists are now collaborating on a project that aims to crowdsource a collection of texts and music that could be considered part of the post-internet movement.

Right after getting married, she and her husband found out that Dechen was pregnant.

But the couple accepted their anticipated roles and decided to welcome the child.

A lovely picture of her with her parents and the one of her baby are really touching.

She shows how apart from having a strong professional life, she has also balanced the same in her personal life.

She has more than sixteen thousand followers in the account.

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