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He has done counseling for the church to help people with various emotional problems.He and his wife have a meditation and Lightwork group that meets twice a month and he is blessed with the ability to give individuals messages from their past as well as seeing their auras.Jones, Writer-Producer, The Fitness Marshall, Eliana's Journey, Rebecca Anne Lo Cicero, Awesome Stuff 365, MUJEEB, Cat Lovers, Amanda Hall Psychic, Tanya Mc Coy, Dean Packwood, Kim Garst, Gussied Up Trailers, Glamping Gypsies, The Fiberglass Travel Trailers , Casita, Boler, U-Haul etc., Casita Travel Trailers, Georgiann Kiricoples, INSIDER design, Mindspath Media LLC, Kla2een - Calling Occupants, Jimmer C.

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Wendy helps her clients to go deep within themselves to find that place of strength, wisdom and calm that dispels self doubt and fear. If you would like to make an appointment with Lisa or would like some more information, you can reach her at (250) 598-7530 or by visiting her angel sculpture website: Eileen A. soul agreements, removing blocks) working with Life's Journey, to name a few.

She believes life does not need to be difficult or mundane, it can be lived as an exciting, awe inspiring adventure filled with surprises and opportunities. Azurite Clear Mind Centre, 403-512-9918 website: Lisa Walsh, Victoria, B. Canada, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Prismology Light Healing and a professional sculptress. Bassil, Orange County, CA is a gifted artist and inspirational leader giving insight and calmness, clearing the soul's pathway for a successful life. Karin can be reached at (845)236-2557 or email her at Vilma Blanco, Anaheim area, CA is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, Psychic Counselor and Hypnotherapist.

She believes that removing blocks will bring harmony and balance into your life physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Monika was born in Germany and has been in the United States since 1985. For the past 10 years she has been involved in an intensive study of the Metaphysical and Past Lives. or e-mail her at Arlene Shovald, Salida, Colorado is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist.

She has been involved with metaphysical work for over 40 years. You may contact Monika by phone at 304-496-8145 between 6 p.m. Arlene has been a newspaper reporter and author for 30 years, with a lifelong interest in mind/body spirit healing and parapsychology. You may also phone her at 719-539-3139 or by E-mail her at: Vance Larson, Odenton MD is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, and a board Certified Hypnotherapist.

Lisa has been practicing Past Life Regression Therapy for over 10 years and is a member of I. By using her connection with the Universal energies, she combines her hypnotic voice with a soulful light to help her clients achieve a greater sense of who they are and where they want to go. In addition to scheduling clients for hypnotherapy and past life regressions, as a noted clairvoyant, Vilma also schedules clients for psychometry, and tarot readings.

She can be reached by telephone at 714-638-3488 or e-mail her a Dr. To speak with Vilma personally, you may call her at 714-226-0701Monika A.

She believes past life regressions are the door to much peace and freedom. Mead, Livingston Manor, NY is the founder of "Uniquely You." She is an IAPLT Certified Holistic Counselor and Hypnotherapist. Mead am here to be a tool to help you empower yourself, to master intent and to live a joyful life.

Through my life experience and my education I am a healer of one's soul and mind.

Carole Carbone in certified Psychic counseling, Holistic Healing counselor, Hypnotherapy and ET. She is also an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Divinity, Reiki Master practitioner and Parapsychologist. Kruger, Romney, West Virginia is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist.

She works to eliminate blocks with deep emotional and inner child healings, self-esteem, fears and phobias, stress reduction and discovering your inner strengths and creativity. She holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior.

Due to her own experiences and healing she believes that past life therapy and inner healing can help clear and release negative energies. She earned her doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from Westbrook University in 1998 and specializes in dream analysis, irodology and Past Life regression Therapy. Vance works with everything from AIDS to addictions to health problems using a number of different techniques.


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