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Knowing that we did not have a home, job, or car to come back to in America was a terrifying feeling. I simply found America to be better in every sense, and I quickly realized that visiting a place is entirely different from moving there permanently.

I had lived there my whole life, and now I was starting over in a foreign land where I didn’t speak the language. I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery (post-epidural, of course).

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The amount of trash we produce here is a fraction of what it was in the states, partly because all of our food is made fresh at home. I’ve always envied other countries for having beautiful, colorful traditions of celebrations and folklore.

But now I can see what American culture is and I miss it terribly.

My husband had been planning on moving back to Tunisia when I met him, so I knew that was part of the deal going in, and I was open to the idea.

As we became more serious fairly quickly, the prospect of moving became more of a reality in my life. I still wasn’t sure I’d love living there, but I was willing to try, especially as I knew my husband really had his heart set on coming home to his wonderful family.

I delivered at a private hospital in town, so most of my nurses spoke English, thankfully.

I still encountered major cultural differences, though.I’ve been given non-stop unsolicited advice ever since she was born, most of it I disagree with completely.For example, I was told that four months is a good age to start potty training (this from a woman who never had children).Apparently they didn’t have any soap or towels to bathe her with.I had packed three outfits for my new baby, and when they first brought her to me, they had dressed her in all three outfits at once, even though it was 90 degrees outside!People always give us food from their farms, such as fresh eggs, milk, cheese, fruit, or almonds.

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